Glasgow MO Wine Walk Volunteers

On Wine Walk Day, we need some extra hands to help make the day a success for everyone!  There’s many different ways to participate and offer assistance.

If you work 2 hours you get a Staff T-shirt and Glasgow Wine Walk Glass to do some tasting!

Volunteers will be selected on a first come first serve basis until all slots are filled.

When – 1:30 PM – Close

If you can help, fill out our volunteer registration form and let us know your interests!


Market Street and First Street, Downtown Glasgow

Volunteer Registration

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    TICKETING / CHECK-IN duties consist of app ticket check-in, ID checks, putting on wristbands, selling tickets, handing out bags and a floater.

    If able to assist at TICKETING / CHECK-IN - are you able to run our Ticket Check In app on your phone?

    If able to DELIVER ICE - do you have access to a UTV? (only needed at 2:30 and 5:00 for 2 deliveries)

    Tables are needed, if able to provide, please describe what you have available:

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