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We strive to give our members an influential voice on important local issues.

Here at the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, we do more than help local businesses meet and network with other entrepreneurs. We are a membership-based organization that works as a sounding board for all of Glasgow. We want you to have a voice, whether it pertains to the civic environment or local area businesses.


As a group of professionals located in the beautiful river town of Glasgow, Missouri, we feel personally responsible to develop programs and services that serve the economic health of the whole community.



Community partners and other like-minded people play a role in the Chamber as well because we encourage support and mentorship from established and experienced businesses and legislative experts.


Some examples of programs and services that the Chamber provides are educational workshops, public events, professional networking opportunities, visitor information, local festivities, shop local efforts and employment opportunities.


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If you are interested in the local causes and charities or perhaps hoping for exposure among business-oriented people, join the Chamber of Commerce today – not just to get involved with investing in local businesses and events – join the Chamber because you have a voice that needs to be heard.

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